Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome Beyond: Tents + Yurts

And now for the second installment of my favorite hotels from the Welcome Beyond website. See here for the first installment.

I always love the idea of camping, communing with nature, etc., but dislike trying to put on contact lenses with dirt all over my hands.

Problem solved. Fancy tents! (There is a very annoying trend to call this "glamping," a.k.a. glamorous camping. I refuse to jump on that bandwagon. It sounds like some gross form of plastic surgery.)

Welcome Beyond features a number of these types of hotels and I want to go to every single one of them.

Patagonia Camp in Patagonia, Chile

Le Camp in Tarn et Garonne, France

Paperbark Camp in New South Wales, Australia

Elqui Domos in Elqui Valley, Chile

All photos above from Welcome Beyond

p.s. It is no coincidence that I am to be married at El Capitan Canyon resort, 20 miles north of Santa Barbara. Look at how sweet that tent is!

Photo from Groupaway


  1. That one in Chile is insanely gorgeous! Like out of some 70s house book. Loveee. Can't wait for you wedding!

  2. Not sure if you saw this related article.

  3. I started out in architecture when I was in college, but quickly switched schools when I realized I wasn't the right fit. For our "dream house" project, everyone turned in these modular/eco/avant garde models. I turned in a tent as my house. So, let's just say, I like this post.