Friday, June 24, 2011

Two-Toned Walls

I love two-toned walls. It's like rural France, Italy, Spain and all of Latin America summed up in one simple detail. If you can spot a two-toned wall, you know you're somewhere good.

These walls are all over Los Angeles. Lest you forget that we are part of Latin America, I dare you to find a Mexican-owned market that isn't painted in two tones. (Okay, fine, you'll probably find one or two but I was trying to make a point.)

My hotelito will have these kinds of interior walls, fo sho. How dreamy will that be when paired with tiles floors and geometric rugs?

p.s. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the two-toned kitchen of Beatrice Valenzuela on HBT's L.A. In Bloom. Damn, girl!

Photo from Geninne

Photo from French by Design

Photo from Solid Frog

Photo from French by Design

Photo from Madame Chacha
Thank you Remodelista for compiling most of these interiors.

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