Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hotel Raya, Panarea, Italy

I have lost far too many hours over the past few months looking at Internet photos of coastal Italian hotels.  Never before has the pull to travel to this iconic part of the world been stronger for me.  When I came across Hotel Raya I first spent an hour devouring every photograph on their site and then had the urge to email the hotel link to 30 people I know.  But then I thought, hey I once had a blog just for this purpose!  So here we go, back from the dark side, to share the dreamiest looking hotel I've seen in ages.

Hotel Raya is located on the Aeolian island of Panarea, located just north of where the boot of Italy looks like it's kicking a rock.  The hotel sprawls across a hill with 30 main rooms, all with large terraces, and 7 additional suites spread between 2 buildings.  On the highest terrace they serve rustic Sicilian cuisine each night.  Oh, and there is a geothermal pool!

Anyway, stop reading and just look at the photos already. (All from the hotel's website.)