Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Bathroom

In my humble opinion, at least 60% of a great hotel room is defined by the quality of the bathroom. You know the drill? The moment the bellhop closes the door (or you drop your bags), a bathroom assessment is in order. How's the tub? What are the free products? Oh, there's a candle!

In my hotelito, the bathroom would feel like a big cozy exhale. Here are the requirements for any bathroom I'd put my name on.

1. A clawfoot tub. Perfect for togetherness and very indulgent aloneness. Why is soaking old-fashioned style so romantic?

2. A real rug instead of a bathmat. Makes you feel like a bajillionaire.

3. A real chair or couch. (I stayed at a friend's place in Brooklyn with an ottoman in her bathroom. You have no idea what kind of impression it left on me. Imagine cutting your toenails on something other than your toilet!)

4. Bonus points for a bathroom with a separate closed off toilet.

Thank you Interior Porn for doing all the hard work.


  1. My favorite bath in my favorite hotel:

  2. I like the contemporary twist on the bathroom in the top picture! Thanks for sharing.
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  3. I'm loving the way this looks. We have 11 foot ceilings though, so not sure how well that would work out! Also, wondering if it would block out too much light for the person using it as a shower?

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