Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Los Angeles Hotel

In a conversation with an old friend a few weeks ago, he nonchalantly told me he was opening a hotel in Greece. From some strange dark place inside of me, a pool of Veruca Salt-style jealousy started to bubble up. But I want to open a hotel in Greece!

I actually don't want to open a hotel in Greece, but it was too late, the idea of opening a hotel was planted in my brain. In the subsequent weeks, I have become obsessed with this fantasy. I should open a hotel in Los Angeles. It would be a perfect mix of all my favorite things. And, after doing about 30 seconds of internet research, it became clear that there is actually a serious void in Los Angeles' hotel landscape.

I live in arguably one of the most beautiful and interesting parts of L.A., on the border of the Los Feliz and Silverlake neighborhoods. (If you live at the beach, then just shut up.) Rolling hills, lush landscaping, diverse historic architecture, Griffith Park, Silverlake Reservoir, battling street music fairs and farmer's markets, hip cafes, restaurants and boutiques on Vermont, Hillhurst, Rowena, Sunset Junction and Silverlake Blvd; not to mention a population of artists, organic farmers, and movie stars.

Doesn't this sound like a place you'd like to visit? Well, good luck. Unless you've got a couch to crash on, you're gonna have to stay in Hellywood.

That is, until I open my hotelito.

Therefore, I am starting this blog for a number of reasons.

1. I waste way too much time in my life looking at travel, design, cooking and Los Angeles blogs and magazines. I'm tired of being solely an observer and want to be part of the conversation. And maybe if I classify my internet surfing/magazine consumption as 'seeking inspiration for my future boutique hotel' it will stop feeling like procrastination.

2. There's an urban myth out there that if you use your blog to focus on a specific product, marketing professionals will give you free stuff. If someone wants to offer me free hotel rooms I will not say no.

3. When I reach 1000 blog entries, a billionaire investor will knock on my door and give me all the financing I need to make this dream a reality. (My new thing is meta-cosmic projecting. Who needs professional experience in hotel management, interior design, real estate, or marketing when you can post pretty pictures on the internet! I mean, haven't you seen Field of Dreams?)

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