Monday, May 30, 2011

Itinerary #1

This marks the first in a series that will present an itinerary of a perfect vacation day in my neighborhood. This is for a Saturday.

8:00am - Begin the day with a hike in Griffith Park. Starting at the top of Commonwealth in Los Feliz, follow this sometimes strenuous hike to Dante's View, a terraced two-acre garden planted by Dante Orgolini in the 1960s. The Mt. Hollywood peak provides unparalleled views of Los Angeles, Burbank, and the San Fernando Valley. And on a good day, you can see the ocean. As you scale down the hill, say hello to the neighborhood's most memorable landmark, The Griffith Observatory.

10:00am - In all your sweaty mess head over to the Silver Lake Farmer's Market. Pick up a delicious maple bacon scone from the Village Bakery stall, a piece of seasonal fruit, coffee from the Cafecito Organico stall, and sit back and relax while hipster toddlers rock out to the drum circle.

12:30pm - After a shower, enjoy a proper meal at
LA Mill. This restaurant/cafe has delicious food and an impressive coffee and tea list. While it does fall on the fancier side of brunch/lunch, the comfortable chairs and perfect lighting beg you to spend hours there reading or chatting. So if you're there for 2 hours, divide the money you've spent by the number of minutes and it will end up seeming like a deal. (Math equations from a money squanderer.) Also, their virgin "mohito" is ridiculously tasty.

Photo credit: Richard Hartog / Los Angeles Times

2:00pm - Do some shopping/browsing at the boutiques around LA Mill on Silverlake Blvd. Hit up Lake, Studio 1617, Lawson-Fenning East and Yolk.

Photo credit: Lake Boutique

3:30pm - Get a Thai massage at The Raven Spa. This place is about 40 bucks more than your standard Los Angeles Thai massage joint but you're paying for ambiance and it's pretty special. (That said, if you want a cheap Thai massage instead, go to The Barai Spa on Hyperion.)

5:00pm - Take a nap. After that serious hike and massage you're going to be destroyed.

7:00pm - Get a pre-dinner cocktail at Big Bar at Alcove on Hillhurst. This tiny space is built into the converted cottage that is Alcove Restaurant. You can sip away inside this cute bar or take advantage of outdoor drinking in their huge patio.

Photo courtesy of Big Bar

8:30 - Walk up Hillhurst a few blocks to dinner at Little Dom's. This hip Italian joint that feels old school even though it's not. I've seen John Hamm there more than once. Also, the food tends to hit the spot.

Photos by Alen Lin

11pm - By now you're full, liquored, and tired from a full day. Go crawl into bed and watch Saturday Night Live.

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