Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mykonos Blu

We spent last weekend at the beach in Laguna with our friends Kevin and Rachel. While sipping beers in the backyard, they showed us loads of gorgeous photos from their recent honeymoon to Greece. That, compounded with Tannaz's last blog post about our trip there in 2003, has left me with Greece memories on the brain.

As a broke graduate student visiting from Cairo, I couldn't exactly afford a fancy Mykonos resort. In lieu of actually paying to stay in nice hotels, our little crew made it a habit to use their toilets. (An invaluable travel tip, if I do say so myself.) After spending a day on the beach of Psarou scoping out hot Italian tourists and sipping on liquid speed (frappes), we hiked up the stairs towards the bus stop, but stopped first at the Mykonos Blu for a toilet break.

The hotel took my breath away. It was a perfect blue and white Grecian dream. I am committed to returning someday and actually staying there.

(I can't seem to find any nice re-postable photos of rooms, which seem lovely on the hotel's website. Seriously, check these out.)

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  1. my goodness, this place was like a dream within a dream. it's almost unbelievable that we actually were there.