Thursday, August 25, 2011

Domaine De Murtoli, Corsica, France

In general, when I hear the phrase "French Country" in reference to design style, my mind just completely checks out. Those words always evoke images of the bad cabinets and tacky linens in the Orange County tract homes of my youth.

That is, until this place came along! Domaine De Murtoli is a French villa that is arguably more rustic than country. And, if we're getting technical, it's on the island of Corsica, so obviously it's not going to have typical Provençal country style. But wouldn't it be nice if we all just agreed that "French Country" actually looked something like this?

The beautiful photos are from the website, which is where you can also book this place for super cheap.  (Just kidding!)



  1. i am absolutely dying over this place. the dining table in a cave with a fire, and the oldy-timey powder blue range, and the arches everywhere. insane.

  2. I just died...and went to a French Heaven...