Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mr. C Beverly Hills

I'm not ashamed to admit it. I love Beverly Hills.

Perhaps it was those regular childhood brunches with my grandparents at Nate & Al's that carved out a soft spot in my heart for the neighborhood. Or maybe it's just that BH's 'Golden Triangle' is undeniably beautiful.

When I used to work in Beverly Hills, I'd occasionally have a pre-work dental appointment a few blocks away and would take an early weekday stroll through the neighborhood. Before all the Russian tourists, SUVs, and weird botox ladies show up, I'd get a clear glimpse of why Beverly Hills is famous around the world. At 7:30am the valets are reporting to work in perfectly ironed uniforms, crisp white table clothes are being placed on sidewalk tables, and old men in linen suits are sipping espresso. It's not famous just because it's fancy. It's famous because it's legitimately glamorous in a one-of-a-kind California way. (And there are diagonal crosswalks, so how can you hate on that?)

This is why I'm really excited about the recently opened Mr. C Beverly Hills. The design is exactly what a Beverly Hills hotel should be. Crisp, clean, and sophisticated with shout-outs to old Hollywood glamor that seem more like a nod to tradition than kitsch. Never mind that it's not technically in 'The Golden Triangle.' The hotel is owned and run by the Cipriani family, made famous by the iconic Harry's Bar on Piazza San Marco in Venice. That means lots of delicious pasta and Italian cocktails to boot.

Who's in for a bellini at the pool right now?


  1. Yes please! Let's be poolside asap.

  2. Haha. I love the shot of the heels and light scarf. Exactly what you need for your night out. No heavy coat, just a light little scarf.

  3. For me the best photos I really appreciate is the sofa having the throw pillow. Any way I like also the blogsite of a/c Beverly Hills.