Monday, October 31, 2011

Whitepod, Valais, Switzerland

Another 80 degree weekend in Los Angeles has left me even more hungry for cool weather.  I cleaned out my closet and realized that the only things I own that don't have holes are the sweaters that haven't been worn in 8 months.  And to top it off, all this news of early snow on the east coast has got me dreaming of a white winter. 

Check out these impressive winter pods, otherwise known as Whitepod, in Switzerland.  The video at that link is also pretty sweet (and weirdly haunting).  The resort is made up of 15 geodesic-dome pods, an authentic mountain lodge with a traditional Swiss restaurant, and a wooden chalet/base-camp with a fancy new restaurant.  Whitepod opens for the season on December 20th.
Thanks again to Welcome Beyond for bringing this resort to my attention.

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